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Dr. Oommen
Dr. Oommen, Medical Director

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At Cardiogenix, our mission is simple...
Keeping You Healthy.   Period.

Your health is often not a priority until it's lost. And it is only after a diagnosis or health scare that people spring into action and try to turn things around. We at Cardiogenix ask "Why wait until you're sick?" Together, let us work together to turn things around NOW!

The Cardiogenix concept and philosophy was developed by our McGill University trained medical team, evolving from years of Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. Observing firsthand the devastating consequences of heart attack and stroke on patients and their families, and how lives are changed forever - in an instant - led us to conclude that there must be a better way. There is no reason why heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity remain such prevalent killers in our society. Most of this is preventable. It is this reality that fuelled our proactive approach to illness prevention and health improvement.

Of course, even the healthiest of individuals need medical intervention now and again. Unfortunately the Quebec health care system in its current state is not equipped to offer immediate response. You can wait a long time for a short appointment with a family doctor (that is, if you have one...25% of Quebecers do not!), and an emergency room visit could result in an 8 hour wait, or longer, before you met with a physician. At Cardiogenix, our patients who choose our 24/7 access plan can reach a member of our medical team in a timely manner, day or night.

We have built our Centre around our mission, focusing on the 5 pillars of great health. Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to helping you to lead a long, strong and happy life.

We want you to get excited about your health!
It's precious. Protect it. Enjoy it.

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