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Cardiogenix is much more than a Medical Centre. It’s family. It is a team of family doctors, specialists, and medical professionals who offer you significantly more than their state-of-the-art services and unparalleled access. It is people … People who share your health concerns and will support your journey toward optimal health, with the compassion and attention you deserve.

When we ask a patient “How long do you want to live?”, invariably the response is “I didn’t know I had a choice!” Indeed, you have more control than you think. Your longevity, the way you will feel in 10 years, and the quality of life you will enjoy in your final decade of life can be enhanced by changes you make, even small changes, beginning TODAY.

Get excited about your health! The most gratifying aspect of life is being as healthy as we can be. No matter what your current health status is, let us help you optimize your health and well-being. Protect your health! Enjoy It!



Another World

What is
preventive medicine?

Although we treat our patients when they are ill, we think we can all agree that a better alternative is to prevent you from getting sick!

We know that many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and lung disease are largely preventable. The good news is that you can reduce your lifetime risk significantly, no matter what your age and current health status, usually by making some very simple changes. These changes are much easier for you than enduring treatment for any disease, and we are always by your side to support you!

It all starts with your first visit. After we get to know you both medically and personally, we will create a plan designed specifically for you, to help you achieve your health objectives.

Let us help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life!



The patient cardiogenix relationship

At Cardiogenix, we believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. As an individual, you should receive the compassion and care that goes beyond simply writing a prescription or reciting test results. You deserve to be seen by your medical team in a timely manner.

That is why we created a “360 degree health service”, our promise of a completely personalized, full-service health-care experience delivered by every member of the Cardiogenix team; from the front-line medical professionals to every one of our caring support staff.