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The QA division is based on a simple model: there is a membership fee that reserves your place in your family physician’s practice, and limits the number of patients he/ she follows. This format assures that you will always get timely access (within 72 hours or less) and the attention you deserve. Your appointments can be booked from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Along with your membership fee, the QA model employs a “pay-as-you-go” format that offers you the flexibility of paying only for the services that you need, while enjoying peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family doctor is available when you need him/her.

+ Join as family

At Cardiogenix, we treat all of our members as family, so we certainly understand that members want their loved ones to enjoy a consistent level of health protection. Ask our support staff about a family plan that is right for you.

Success solution programs

Some of our patients already have a good relationship with their own family physician, yet wish to take advantage of some of our programs. This was our motivation to create our Cardiogenix Success Solution Programs. In our Success Solution Programs, we will work closely with your family doctor to help you achieve optimal health. All of our Success Solution programs include a detailed annual check-up, with blood test, nurse evaluation, stress test and doctor’s evaluation. This evaluation is to make sure that we are fully aware of your current health state before starting the program. All of the results will be sent to your family doctor. Choose the Success Solution Program that is right for you.

+ Diabetes success solution

At Cardiogenix Medical Centre, we have designed a Diabetes Success program that will evaluate both your physical health and your lifestyle. Our medical team will make a plan to reduce your blood sugar levels and to make sure these levels stay at their best. This program is 12 weeks in duration. Within this time frame, we will support you through the necessary health changes required to optimize your life. Included in this program are appointments with the doctor, dietitian, and athletic therapist. You do not need more medication, you need a Diabetes Success Solution.

+ Weight success solution

The Weight Loss Success Solution program is designed to help you achieve your health and weight goals safely and with a lot of support. This program is of 12 weeks duration where you will have appointments with your athletic therapist and dietician. We will create a meal plan tailored to your habits and lifestyle. We will be holding your hand throughout the whole process.

+ Pregnancy success solution

Our Pregnancy Success Solution is designed to achieve the best possible outcome for your baby: from conception to birth. The Cardiogenix team, together with your gynecologist, will implement the best possible lifestyle strategies (including personalized nutrition and exercise) to optimize your delivery and give your baby the best possible start in life.