A Full Cardiogenix Medical Care Experience

Extra Services

Blood test

We offer our members the ability do their blood tests on site. No need to travel to another location and no need to wait in line. Your results will get to your doctor (and you) faster.


Exercise Stress Test

We offer our members the stress test on site to ensure that your heart is healthy.



We offer our members complete and affordable services of a dietician, to ensure that your health is optimized by eating right. Our dietitian will create custom meal plans, help you with weight loss, calorie count, diabetes and cholesterol plans


Athletic Therapists

Our athletic therapist has a wide range of expertise. You can book appointments for ergonomic assessments, postural assessments, balance assessments, active release therapy, rehab, flexibility, personal training and much more. With you, we can create an exercise and stretching plan that may resolve age- or work- related aches and pains.


Pulmonary Function Test

How old are your lungs? This test will help us assess your lung capacity and determine how old your lungs are relative to your chronological age.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

This advanced technology can measure your blood pressure over a 24 hour period, the gold standard in the diagnosis of blood pressure problems.


Ankle Branchial Index

This state of the art technology will determine if there are any dangerous blockages in your arm or leg arteries, before they become very serious.



Cardiogenix reduces the inconvenience of vaccination by making your regular, booster or travel-related vaccines available for you. Your vaccine can be administered as part of your scheduled appointment.


Nursing Services

Wound care, vitals, intake history, and medication injections.