Enough is Enough

Coronavirus (Video #5)

March 23, 2020 / educational / recommended

Together we can change the outcome of this pandemic.

Tonight, Dr. Oommen and Dr. Di Liello update you on the current COVID-19 situation in Quebec, and delve into some of your more difficult questions such as seeing family members with an autoimmune disease, how to care for your elderly parents during quarantine, whether or not we should be weary of our pets spreading the virus, and how long the coronavirus will remain a threat to society.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared this afternoon that it is the duty of every single one of us to self isolate and distance ourselves from others to avoid prolonging the spread of this virus. COVID-19 is a serious threat, but if we work together and do as the government instructs, we can flatten the curve and save many lives.
So please, stay home, going out only for food and absolute necessities. As our Prime Minister put it, “Enough is enough. Go home and stay home. This is what we all need to be doing.”
These times are definitely very difficult, but we thank you all for taking the time to submit your questions and tuning in to these segments.
We encourage you to send us more at info@cardiogenix.ca, but most importantly, if you believe that you are showing symptoms or may have come in contact with someone with COVID-19, please call the info-coronavirus line at 1-877-644-4545.
Have a good night everyone, and stay safe!
Your Cardiogenix Family

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