CPR … C.A.B. … Easy as 123!

The Cardiogenix Team takes on CPR!

February 28, 2018 / educational / recommended

At Cardiogenix, it is important the whole team is CPR certified. Here is a glimpse of our CPR refresher course that took place this month being that it is Heart Health Month!

 Here is Dr. Oommen talking to the team about why it is important that we are all certified,   not only inside of Cardiogenix but also outside the clinic in case an emergency arises. We   thank our amazing instructor Amy, who was animated, patient and made sure we got   enough practice in order to master our CPR skills! 



  Nancy and Dr. Pham in position to start the course!



First we learned how to give proper compressions. For anyone over 8 years old, give 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths and repeat. If you are unable or uncomfortable giving breaths, you can give compressions continuously. Putting one hand over the other or holding your wrist can be really helpful, which Tina is demonstrating.



Next step is learning the correct breathing technique. Marie, Dr. Pham, Tina and Julie are all practicing giving breaths through the face mask with a filter.

This mask helps to filter oxygen and makes the delivery of breaths easier.



Marie getting tested on her Ambu Bag and breathing technique. Without a doubt, she aced it!



Julie demonstrates the important focus needed to perform CPR!



Cheryl mastering the technique of the Ambu Bag! GO Cheryl!    



Here are Helen and Mojib practicing how to use the Ambu Bag properly to make sure the air doesn’t leak if it’s not fully sealed.

Practice makes perfect!



Perfecting the Art of Breathing!



Ready – Set – SAVE!



We have Nancy, Dr. Pham, Mohammad, and Mojib all practicing the use of the Ambu Bag! If someone is uncomfortable giving mouth to mouth resuscitation, then using this Ambu Bag is the best option. Look closely, and you will see the guest appearance of Tina’s “Thumbs up!”



Here’s Nancy practicing using the Ambu Bag on an infant of less than 1 year old. With infants, smaller breaths are needed. As long as you see their chest rise, then you know that the air got through to the lungs! Also, if you are using an adult’s mask on a baby, it is important not to cover the baby’s eyes because it can make them very dry.



Here are Stephanie and Claudia taking a quick break from rescuing another infant! Stephanie was placed at the head of the baby, in order to give the baby 2 breaths after every 15 compressions that Claudia was giving using her two thumbs on the baby’s chest.



Here are Dr. Oommen and Vanesa in action saving a man’s life! Ok, a mannequin’s life but nonetheless they succeeded because of their life saving skills. In this case, Vanesa was in charge of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which is easy to use if you remember these 2 steps 

  1. Turn in on
  2. Listen to what it says!



Dr. Oommen says: C-A-B ( Compression, Airway, Breaths )……..easy as 123!



The Team in Action!