The Invisible Enemy

Coronavirus (Video #10)

March 31, 2020 / educational / lifestyle / recommended
Dr. Oommen and Dr. Di Liello are here to address your incoming questions about the historical situation that we are currently living in; the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s video raises many important points including the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, ACE inhibitors, the reality and impact of non-medical professionals using face masks throughout their day-to-day lives, and more.
A major point that we would love for our viewers to take away from this segment is that we are all currently going through what will be our new reality for the next unforseen amount of time. The best way to continue to contain the coronavirus is to keep ourselves safe from any contamination risk factors through, you guessed it, social distancing. 
We are currently receiving many questions regarding exceptions to social distancing, like visiting friends after 14 days of isolation for instance, but these are generally not recommended. As our patients know, at Cardiogenix we strongly encourage socializing as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle… But as Dr. Di Liello mentions, we are now living through what is called “pandemic life”, and for the time being, we must adjust. 
The good news is that we can continue to connect with our friends and loved ones through technology! And remember, we are all going through this together. You are not alone.
We encourage you to send us more questions at, but most importantly,
if you believe that you are showing symptoms or may have come in contact with someone with COVID-19, please call the info-coronavirus line at 1-877-644-4545.
Thank you all for watching – Stay safe everyone! 
Your Cardiogenix Family

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