6 Sunny Weekend Activities

To Do While Social Distancing

May 22, 2020 / lifestyle / recommended

Hello Everyone!

With how this year has been going so far, many still believe that we are fated to a summer indoors, but practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, this just means we must be a little more cautious and creative when it comes to our usual activities! We’ve come up with a few ways to benefit from the summertime while continuing to keep ourselves and our family safe and healthy through social distancing. 

Redecorate your outdoor space
A little green goes a long way! The best way to keep busy and lighten your mood while spending most of your time at home is by utilizing every inch of your outdoor space. Adding some plants to take care of, gardening, growing your own herbs, and redecorating will make you want to spend every day outdoors in your own personal paradise. Maybe even take this chance to order that hammock you’ve always wanted! 

Whip out the Barbecue
Did you know that May is National Barbecue Month? Neither did we! Enjoy some quality time with your family over a freshly grilled meal outside. If you don’t have a barbecue, simply eating outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air into your diet! And remember, although we wish to have all of our friends and loved ones over, it is important to continue to keep our circle limited to those we live with.

Discover the Farmer’s Market
Pandemic or not, grocery runs are still inevitable as we all need to eat. A great alternative to your usual grocery store is to visit your local farmer’s market for fresh and locally grown foods. Not only is the farmer’s market more fun, but you will also be encouraging small businesses and it is easier to keep socially distant. Pro tip: you can buy your plants there at the same time! 

Get your body moving
It is important to keep your body moving with exercise and stretching, especially in a time where we may tend to feel a little sluggish. Going for walks, runs, bike rides, even walking your dog is a great way to get those steps in. We also recommend trying yoga and meditation which do wonders for the body AND mind.

Pick up a hobby 
Finding a creative outlet not only keeps us entertained but is also very therapeutic. Whether it’s writing, painting, drawing, gardening, or even picking up that old instrument that you haven’t touched in years, quarantine is a great way to find new ways to express ourselves and maybe even discover a hidden talent! 

Greet your neighbours
One thing to remember when you’re feeling down or alone is that you are not alone at all! We are all readjusting to this new normal together. Not only do we recommend keeping in contact with friends and family, but if your living situation allows you to connect with your neighbours, go for it! You’d be surprised to find that those living just next door may be in need of some genuine human connection too. Nothing wrong with a little balcony banter! 

We hope this list sparks a little joy and inspiration in everyone. Although summer is right around the corner, we must remember to continue to wear our mask, keep a safe distance from others, and continue to practice basic hygiene. And remember, social distancing does not mean isolation… We are all in this together!

Have a wonderful, safe and sunny weekend everyone!