Cardiogenix Specialists division born

Word-of-mouth spreads regarding Cardiogenix’ patient successes, and its deeply personal care, in the realm of Family Medicine.  This creates another phenomena.   Requests increase, from both members and non-members,   for a similar model for Specialists.   Dr. O. recognizes that the time is right for Cardiogenix’ to expand on its philosophy of a one-stop-shop for all things medical – not just Family Medicine but also Specialty care.  As the vast majority of Specialists currently practice within the public healthcare system, Dr. O. decides to launch a public Medicare centre:  Cardiogenix Specialists division is born.  Its second medical centre in Quebec, Cardiogenix Specialists aims to offer an enhanced patient experience, despite the limitations and restrictions imposed on the public health system.  In the true spirit of Cardiogenix, in order to care for as many patients as possible, Cardiogenix Specialists division is free and open to the general public.