Cardiogenix real time 24/7 Access

Dr. O. had another idea:  he postulated that part of what keeps a patient physically and mentally healthy, and out of ERs and hospitals – the Illness Factories – was the peace of mind that comes with having Access to your Doctor around-the-clock.  With this in mind Cardiogenix’ real-time 24/7 Access service is born.  This concept allowed Cardiogenix Doctors and its whole Healthcare Team to stay ahead of all illness in their patient population.   And Dr. O. recognized another indirect benefit as well:  when patients with physical and/or psychological illness are given the peace of mind that a Doctor was always available for them when they were in any health crisis, it in fact allowed them, for the first time, to stop focusing on their Illness and start putting more energy into our Wellness strategies.  Now into its 9th year, the Cardiogenix’ 24/7 Access concept continues to be a big hit with Quebecers.